Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the last...

About english in general  like language i think that is ugly, i never liked english! Mmm however like subject i think that takes a lot of hours in a week, and its hours is not well used. Also, the class are in the afternoon and you is tired and the only thought is to go home. There are not a good class about listening in none on the four levels, in general my opinion about subject is principal that the time is not well used, is boring sometimes, is in the afternoon, and is not like me. About the blogs, it is a good moment for practice writing, however  1/2 hour is very much. Well, not all is bad, despite i hatred english, i know that it is necessary and I must learn it, and in english class i got more vocabulary  and understand more when teacher speaks in english. I would like to be born knowing =( .. .but i know that is not posible unless my parents had speak english and spanish. I think i must improve my vocabulary, my pronuciation and overcome my hate to english jajaaj. My plan? I haven’t one, but i think that listening more music in english, viewing movies, Reading books in english and practicing my pronunciation , talking and trying think  in english. Outside the english class i use very Little english, is bad… i know!!! =( but i not need very much this idiom for this moment, maybe in the future i need it and i regret jaja i don’t know, i just hope learn  without be take a test in my life!!! Jajajaj thanks  for all teacher, although I am a loose.  Well, inevitably you learn with 20 english class! I hope approve this subject, only this for i  fell  happy ¡!

Monday, November 12, 2012

La Vida de los Peces

Long time ago I saw “La vida de los Peces”, I see with a friend, this movie the director is  Matías Bize, film have only Chileans actors: Santiago Cabrera, Blanca Lewin, Antonia Zegers, Sebastián Layseca, Juan Pablo Miranda, María Gracia Omegna Matías Jara, I like as act Blanca Lewin his role is a woman that  should be very strong, but she love the role lead by Santiago Cabrera, but he is gone during long time abroad, and in this time she married and have two children. This film is dramatic genre. This film was released in 2010 was a quarter film by Matias Bize, the movie was chosen how “best foreign film hispan” is a proud for us!
                The entire movie elapses in a party and is very “slow”, the music is “slow” the actors move “slow”, but is beautiful, I think that I have seen this movie how four times.   I value that the film is not “commercial”, the end is not what everyone expects to see, is a sad moment, but the sensation is that “can´t be the other mode”, is a real end. This film was released in 2010 was a quarter film by Matias Bize, the movie was chosen how “best foreign film hispan” is a proud for us! Also the soundtrack is wonderful! I love it in the movie, because all is acclimated by the music. Well, here is trailer: 

Monday, November 5, 2012


In my opinion in very important the moment at elections, because that is a working that our have to do. My grandmother, my grandfather, my parents were in dictatorship and they teach me that my vote is important in this context. I vote in San Bernardo, Maybe to the rest of community this place is not important, or is not relevant, but I think that is a step to advance to choice  person that I think more represent me.  However I sometimes think that all politicians are “thieves”, and they lie, but we didn’t more option that choice "the better between the worst". If we didn’t nothing then we are giving our rights, and this is don’t fair!.  Our political system is not bad, neither is good! , but there are two parts: first, the politicians are liars, thieves, corrupt and etc, etc, etc. But if people not vote they can't be represent, I’m sure that I finish choosing the evil better and I think that it is the more important cause because the people not voted, because they not feel represent for the capitalists PIGS, and they prefer omit their comment and allow that  other doing their task. Maybe if the candidates would had better intentions people trust more, and wish vote. Other cause that I think influenced was that this election was only “municipal”. I think that the people are saving their energy to presidential elections, because in this moment we need all people to move the worst president that I have in all our history!! ..

Monday, October 22, 2012


In the first part there are a three activities to answers alternatives, there are a statements with phrases and you must answers correctly.  Is like recognize real situations in English. I think that is very practical, although I have a “little” difficult with English because I get confused the words. I get 6/7 in the first PET reading, 8/10 in second and 4/5 in third. In listening  I was bad I get 4/5 an 3/7 correct answers. I think that is very important can listening and understand, because I am good reading, but l’m bad listening. Finally in vocabulary I was better, and I get  20/25 . I think that is good activities because it have a bit of everything and serve to me for improve my vocabulary because I must to search the words that I don’t know. I hope continue doing these activities to practice and learn more about structures in english.  The only disadvantage is that it costs me!!!! jajaj

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

special present

Is difficult for me choose one present… i think that i received a lot of wonderful present, but i remember when on my 14th birthday my father arrived to my house and he asked me if i could search “something” in his car i don’t remember which was the invented reason, but I obviously went, and when i arrived to the car its had a beautiful “teddy”… i began to cry to emotion because my father never was very “affectionate”. I think that this present was very special for me and still is very nice see it in my bed. Stuart Little (as called theddy) sang the Titanic’s music (jaja) how my birthday is in February coincides with the valentine’s day. I think that the most beautiful is not the doll itself, is more the act  of my dad to choose something so tender. Is beautiful think how the people thought in our present, because this mean “preoccupation” of his part, time in choose the best present and love. Stuart is still in my bedroom, and sometime sings without i press its button i think because it is old, but is funny because is how “remember me,  i’m hereeee” jajajaa. Mm well in other moment i will tell about other present … ¡ good bye. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

First Day

My first day at university was very funny. Before to stay in my career I never came to my faculty, so when I had to come I don’t know where my faculty was, and I thought take a taxi but the diver said me that in two blocks I had to pay $2000 and I just went ....because the man wanted to CHEAT ME!!!  jajaja (I laugh now). Well, when I could arrive at the university I felt lost, I didn’t know where was the library, casino, classroom… where was nothing! But the people in  the university is so amicable and they prepared a “introduction” and welcome, so it was easy know  about all I needed in the future, until we did a “tour” for all the places, and their explained each place where we can go in each case. When we were in “welcome” I knew my current friends, in fact we started speak immediately and hit it off very good in this moment.   I remember that the first day of important because started my career that I had loved…  but for me the “first day” it’s not the most important, because was the week  for do activities, know people, know a "complete system" that existed at the university in where I would be in the future (currently now). And the most important I knew the persons that will be with me all the time in the university and probably when I go out of here to. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

National Holiday

I didn’t enjoy so much the national holidays, maybe because I feel sad; I always remember when I was child and i was with all my family... now that doesn’t pass, because my sister and me are older, and go out with our friends (that they are different in her case and in my case) and my mom go out to the south, she love the south, every time that she can go, she do it. Well,  then my best memories about national holidays was when I was  about 8 years, and with my family go to the field and we were there how 4 days. Those days were wonderful, we cook and play in family, and I remember feeling very happy, maybe this wasn’t a big think, but how I was child I saw wonderful. Little thinks how remember see my father running after me and my sister or my mother laughing are those to remind this national holidays how the best. But, well.... there are unavoidable events: grow up, for example. Other think that I hate, is that the people eating only meat, how in those days they can’t eat other food!!!...  I don’t eat much meat because it makes me sick, so I prefer eat more vegetables and ........drink (jaja).  The great is that I can meet with people that I don’t see always because all have our activities. I just hope in other opportunities can be with my entire family how before and also time with my friends (obviously)!!!       Now I celebrate national holidays, drinking, eating, and dancing jajaja, and is enjoy, but I think that always I feel nostalgia that previous years...

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Friend

 Hello,  I`m, going to talk about my best friend. Really I have a lot of friends, good friends, but my best friend is very special for me, his name is: Felipe, but I tell Pipe. He is in all spaces, times and moment in my life, always I’m in problems he arrived where I’m, I tell he  all my things.  In fact, I think that he is a person that can’t miss in my life, if he weren’t in my life I don’t know how it would be. He is a funny person, always is happy and always he have a solution to my problems, is fantastic!!!! his advice are the best in the world …  Mmmm, how a met my friend? Well, is strange, but I knew him in a party, all start when we begin to talk about the future, he wanted enter to study medicine, and he told me that. Then I call a few days later to ask if he had enter to the career (and currently studying medicine). Since then we begin to call us and to speak more often. I don’t know if he and me have much in common, but I thing that our friendship is based in our difference and this is the most I love!! jajaja, sound strange but is truth. I see him all time, mmm I think that almost every days because we live in the same neighborhood, and is easy to see us. Well, I think that I said  all I can’t remember about this, but never will suffice :D ..

Monday, September 3, 2012


 When start the first semester i was still tired, but I figured this year would be better than the last, i was exited for the news topics in university and i trusted that everthing would be more “quiet”,  although i agree with strike and mobilizations i wanted to have more stabilty and plan my vacation . Well, this years i think that i have been more carefree, because i have other “problems” and maybe less motivation, that last i don’t know why… How always i have worked in massage (because i studied that two years ago), whenever i can , i do.  As for sport, i think that i feel shame, really… i have not done anything!!!!!  I think start the next week, i have a plan: go to the gym on my break , when i’m in university… this help me in two thing: i use my free time and i favor my body!... is great, i just wanted do it.. L. As my challenges, they are a lot of, and i think that are personal thing, but in overall i advance step by step and i how always believed  the important thing is to never stop  =) 

Monday, August 27, 2012


I born in San Bernardo s a town in the out skirt then a major part of my life am not in Center. But that thinks I like are for example:  the variety of market, the city to visit, the neighborhood  how Bellavista, Lastarria or Brasil. There are theatres; cinemas, mall, parks, and each place have liveliness!! … sometimes I feel tired about the people, but in other cases I like that the places have a lot of people; is odd, but I prefer  go to the cinema when there are many people, because when there are few people I feel depressed… jajajaj. But if I go to the park I prefer few people… mmm. About Santiago I like too that to know people: nice, strange, different, smart, funny that is to say all types of person!!!  I dislike when I go out the university at 6:00 pm and I find the traffic in the worst moment in the world!!  It takes me a lot of time arrived to my house, or the delinquency, I think that is terrible and I hate it !!! really, I love that the Santiago was more pacific, and I would walk at 8:00 pm calm, but not... because I’ m  worried always … I think that this I changes.. but is a difficult topic… and I see that how a utopian  idea L. I said to a visitor in the city that he (or she) go to the Bellavista, knew our museum, knew our theatres and all thinks that I love! :D

Monday, August 20, 2012


I think that can be unfair acusse  Assange about this crime, but isn’t proof that tell us that this revelation was betrayal to the state, also  is not convenient for the state that the people know the truth.
I think that first we can to define the word “crime”, because since this point start all, maybe can be considered a “mistake” if we thinking in this information how “confidential”, but every way not should be secret information during so much time.
I think that Ecuador was a courageous country because not have fear to get Assange, and they believed in the truth of the documents, and
This case is the type of cases that each certain of time, where the secret information to come to light; and is normal that all explode, because they are so much “energy “accumulate.
This case probably will remain in the obscurity, how all that the people want forget, because is more convenient forget always that confront our problems or their problems how country.
I ask he, why he publish the documents, that he know the consequences that this can cause. But I suppose that he know these consequences. And I’ll want understand why he is able to sacrifice his peace for this situation.
I think that he was feel fear, anguished and  angry, but proudly too !!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I think that the blog is a good oportunity  for write and search more vocabulary, I liked that this moment and enjoyed !  because that is not boring. I just would have liked the chance in the course of learning to speak better, perhaps as in the English courses that can be heard many tapes and vocabulary words. But, generally i like the blog, anyway I learn news words, because when i wrote I must search words that I did not know. Also, read the other text doing for my classmates help me, first: to know that their think about some topics, and for read in english. The disadvantages of blogging can be it is assumed that we already know how to write in English and know the basic structures, and in the other english (levels I and II) is not taught. But generally i think that is improved even a Little my english (considering, that i never was very good for this buuu :( ).  If I could add something to the course also the blog I think that would add more classes to listen vocabulary and conversation of the simplest since the most complex (insofar as the course progresses).
Well, now I have a blog written in English by myself, I like that!
and... (i'm sorry for use  the translator ... is faster!, but now that you say, i think that i must get a dictionary :) )

Sigmund Freud

 I know that sound  repeated name Freud  in psychology, but i really think that he is a important man. Freud   was a man who was born on May 6, 1856, he was an Austrian neurologist, father of psychoanalysis and one of the greatest intellectual figures of the twentieth century.  I value his capacity of thinking in other method for think about the human. He was able to see beyond the merely visible, he thought in human as set for psychic elements,  he included important psychic structures that influenced the behavior. Also was able to relate people with their childhood and with their past, important fact, because the people believed that only behaves because of their current situation. But, this are just a Little thing that Freud included inside of psychology.  I think that people that is capable to do something different deserves to be admired! … Not any do it ¡ I and above all when was long ago in more conservative societies. Therefore i admire Freud, not so much for specific Works, is actually his capacity to introduced new ideas in our field study. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My favorite season

Winter always has been a sad season for me, I don’t know why really, but can be that is it as “dark”, and all time I feel cold, and I must use a lot of clothing, also I think that in this season there are many poor people that feel cold and they can’t  appropriate  clothing for use. I think that autumn is nostalgic, I like see how the trees lose their leaves, and is not so cold yet. Also and although sound “silly”, I like the accessory I can use in autumn, how scarf, boots, jacket, etc. But neither is my favorite season. Summer, NOI hate summer, I don’t like feel that I can’t run away from the heat! … Finally, my favorite season is spring! I love this season because is romantic, beautiful and I feel always good, I don’t feel cold, I don’t feel  hot, and never  get sick,  is really fantastic , wonderful. I love walk in spring, go to a park and enjoy all the day, also, they are many activities that I can do, how meet with my friends a take a ice cream or  go for a run, generally all the thing that I can be in outdoor! … 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My favorite place is my house, because there I can be quiet, away from the world, also I live in San Bernardo, this commune is located on the outskirts and always there is silence, is a village when live old people, then there are not children screaming on the street, or young people in parties of the weekend, I love the peace that there is in my neighborhood, so I love my house. My house is not very ample, but is sufficient for my family, it has a little yard, my bedroom is in second floor, and when I study, or when I want be alone I can do it, and no one bother me.  In my house have spaces when we share, how the kitchen, there are a little table to have a meals and talked for a least once in the day.  I loved my house because there I have everything I want, and not must see other people when I don’t want. When I can read, I can do it, if I sleep I can do it and anew nobody will stop me! Living the peace, that is priceless!. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I would like go to France because always I think that is a magic country, I like the language and I heard that it have beautiful places to visit how the catacombs of Paris, or Grand Bé’s Island. I know that French is the love`s language, and I love the poetry, then I would like speak French and can read in this idiom too. Also, France have beautiful building how “Catedral de la Sainte Croix” and should be important to be in it. If I were there I would like walking for Paris, and ken since over little detail   to the more important place.  I think Europe is magic for its ancient number of years and their years invested in the construction of their culture.  I would be studying but mainly to live a new experience more than by the studies in itself. Also live in other country incorporate others lifestyles in our mode of life.  And anyway helps in curriculum for my career!  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My favorite picture!

I love this picture, because this appears my cat. 
My cat is my best friend! (I really have two cats, but in this picture only appears he. The other cat is my “girl”, her name is Nené). I love the cats, they are the best! My cat is always beside me, he waits for me for the exit bath when I shower, and he is sit with me when I lunch, when I study, when I cry... (Aww), when I make me happy!! ALWAYS! … I don`t know what I do without he.  I love this picture because he is seeing the camera and looks beautiful and so cute!!! Is my baby!. I have thousands of photos since he is most little until now.  His name is “Frodo”, because at first I think that he was a “she”, but after going to vet I knew that “she” really was “he”, then I decided “Frodo” relation by word “Fraude” jajaja.  My cat is unique! (I know that I be a bit exaggerated , but you should see to believe my description about he).  Only bad thing is that since he arrived has not stopped fighting with the “girl” (nené)Really,  I don’t know if they play or fight…. Well, the important in this case Is that cute picture and my beautiful baby! 

I hope you like!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My favorite TV show is Dr. House. I think that TV show is very funny and interesting, there are very strange cases of patients that anyone can solve, but Dr. House can do it always!! He is an extraordinary Doctor, and he has work team, everyone has an area of specialization, all contribute to the resolution of cases. Dr. House is an eccentric, he looks like a crazy, but the man is simply brilliant! Inside of series House is in love with his boss, she is a pretty woman, independent, smart, serious and determined; she knows that he is very important to the hospital, and she tries to respect the decisions’ House, although he is very cheeky with she and with the rest of people`s hospital.  So, with all, house take the important decisions about the patients, and their operation and treatment.Is different than other series, because is about medicine, and shows people ill that can get better through the intelligence of this doctor and his work team. I`m feel happy when I can see it!, how I hardly ever watch TV, when I do it, I see that. Not only that, also I bought 12 Dr. House seasons, and I saw all.Also, I think that House is handsome!!!!!! … J

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My favourite technological object!!!

My favourite technological object is my netbook.  I have it since two years ago, well before i had other, but that was very slow and have less memory capacity. My current netbook is fast and i use it for my homeworks, see videos, listen music , write my ideas and for my comunication (social networks) especially facebook, e-mail and  blog. I use it every day, every days i see my facebook, and  e-mail; i feel connected to other peoples, specifically with my friends and my classmates.  I like its functions, and its speed, also is part of my life (i know that sounds very  exaggerated, but it`s truth, i need their functions in my everyday life). If i haven`t my netbook all be most difficult for me, the comunication, do my homeworks, my research, download music, videos, films, all!!!! After all this time is very necessary and important to me!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To be honest I have never been interested in any band, so I have never been to a concert or gig. However, I went to Arjona’s concert a few days ago, and I really liked it. According to me, he is a wonderful man, and I can say I love his lyrics.
If I had to talk about bands, I would talk about the band Pink Floyd. I think they have beautiful songs, and their lyrics are interesting and loaded of passion. Honestly, I don’t know so much about this band, I only know they firstly started being a British rock band, and then evolved to the symphonic rock style.
One of the songs most I like is Wish you were here, because I think this lyrics aims at reflecting a feeling beyond the words… besides that song makes me “travel” and it might have been part of my life in some important moment.
Here you have a videoclip for the song aforementioned.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

About me.

I was born 21 years ago in San Bernardo, in Parroquial Hospital. I have one sister she is 24 years 
old, she not living with me, but lately we speak quite often, and obviously my mother, the three are the powerpull girls! jaja.
All my life I was living in San Bernardo, because my grandparents lived there. In my family also have  two cats and two dogs, their names are: the dog: Tobi and Ursula and my cats called: Nené and Frodo. 
Before I went to study psychology, i studied massage in a professional Institute, but I did not like the way they teach, and I think: "if I  continue here i don't study nothing more and i feel distress!! I wanted to know more and more because I enjoy studying and reading and i not can this in the institute, so I took the  course to prepare the ingress to University and I can enter to career psychology. I love this really, although I served as study massage because I can work temporally in this and y enjoy it how hobbie. 
I took dance in the university how a topic, and this make me happy! I enjoy and I feel good! and i can say that is my new hobbie, Also reading (this is the principal). 
Now I living with my mother (she is a young and beautiful woman!!!) we have a perfect relation,hardly ever discussed, we have good communication, she is very comprehensive and I do not make problems in the house.
Well, that is my biography at the moment. in my future i hope finished my career and can continue with specializations in psychology. About family, i thing i will see that in the way, anything can happen!!