Tuesday, October 9, 2012

special present

Is difficult for me choose one present… i think that i received a lot of wonderful present, but i remember when on my 14th birthday my father arrived to my house and he asked me if i could search “something” in his car i don’t remember which was the invented reason, but I obviously went, and when i arrived to the car its had a beautiful “teddy”… i began to cry to emotion because my father never was very “affectionate”. I think that this present was very special for me and still is very nice see it in my bed. Stuart Little (as called theddy) sang the Titanic’s music (jaja) how my birthday is in February coincides with the valentine’s day. I think that the most beautiful is not the doll itself, is more the act  of my dad to choose something so tender. Is beautiful think how the people thought in our present, because this mean “preoccupation” of his part, time in choose the best present and love. Stuart is still in my bedroom, and sometime sings without i press its button i think because it is old, but is funny because is how “remember me,  i’m hereeee” jajajaa. Mm well in other moment i will tell about other present … ¡ good bye. 

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