Monday, October 22, 2012


In the first part there are a three activities to answers alternatives, there are a statements with phrases and you must answers correctly.  Is like recognize real situations in English. I think that is very practical, although I have a “little” difficult with English because I get confused the words. I get 6/7 in the first PET reading, 8/10 in second and 4/5 in third. In listening  I was bad I get 4/5 an 3/7 correct answers. I think that is very important can listening and understand, because I am good reading, but l’m bad listening. Finally in vocabulary I was better, and I get  20/25 . I think that is good activities because it have a bit of everything and serve to me for improve my vocabulary because I must to search the words that I don’t know. I hope continue doing these activities to practice and learn more about structures in english.  The only disadvantage is that it costs me!!!! jajaj

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  1. In general we are more used to read English than listen it :/