Monday, August 20, 2012


I think that can be unfair acusse  Assange about this crime, but isn’t proof that tell us that this revelation was betrayal to the state, also  is not convenient for the state that the people know the truth.
I think that first we can to define the word “crime”, because since this point start all, maybe can be considered a “mistake” if we thinking in this information how “confidential”, but every way not should be secret information during so much time.
I think that Ecuador was a courageous country because not have fear to get Assange, and they believed in the truth of the documents, and
This case is the type of cases that each certain of time, where the secret information to come to light; and is normal that all explode, because they are so much “energy “accumulate.
This case probably will remain in the obscurity, how all that the people want forget, because is more convenient forget always that confront our problems or their problems how country.
I ask he, why he publish the documents, that he know the consequences that this can cause. But I suppose that he know these consequences. And I’ll want understand why he is able to sacrifice his peace for this situation.
I think that he was feel fear, anguished and  angry, but proudly too !!


  1. I think that all this case is unfair too :/

  2. Hi! yes you right, i also thik that this case is very unfair and its more a scandalous

  3. I also ask myself why someome sacrifices a lot of stuff for a cause.. is heroism? madness?

  4. Your perception in this case is good but I think Assange isn't so innocent.