Monday, September 3, 2012


 When start the first semester i was still tired, but I figured this year would be better than the last, i was exited for the news topics in university and i trusted that everthing would be more “quiet”,  although i agree with strike and mobilizations i wanted to have more stabilty and plan my vacation . Well, this years i think that i have been more carefree, because i have other “problems” and maybe less motivation, that last i don’t know why… How always i have worked in massage (because i studied that two years ago), whenever i can , i do.  As for sport, i think that i feel shame, really… i have not done anything!!!!!  I think start the next week, i have a plan: go to the gym on my break , when i’m in university… this help me in two thing: i use my free time and i favor my body!... is great, i just wanted do it.. L. As my challenges, they are a lot of, and i think that are personal thing, but in overall i advance step by step and i how always believed  the important thing is to never stop  =) 


  1. Daniela, I also want to go to the gym! maybe we can go together!
    What do you think?
    let me know!

  2. It should be very disappointing begin a semester already tired.

  3. I also hope to plain my holidays this years :( regards!(: