Thursday, May 17, 2012

My favorite picture!

I love this picture, because this appears my cat. 
My cat is my best friend! (I really have two cats, but in this picture only appears he. The other cat is my “girl”, her name is Nené). I love the cats, they are the best! My cat is always beside me, he waits for me for the exit bath when I shower, and he is sit with me when I lunch, when I study, when I cry... (Aww), when I make me happy!! ALWAYS! … I don`t know what I do without he.  I love this picture because he is seeing the camera and looks beautiful and so cute!!! Is my baby!. I have thousands of photos since he is most little until now.  His name is “Frodo”, because at first I think that he was a “she”, but after going to vet I knew that “she” really was “he”, then I decided “Frodo” relation by word “Fraude” jajaja.  My cat is unique! (I know that I be a bit exaggerated , but you should see to believe my description about he).  Only bad thing is that since he arrived has not stopped fighting with the “girl” (nené)Really,  I don’t know if they play or fight…. Well, the important in this case Is that cute picture and my beautiful baby! 

I hope you like!


  1. ow so beautiful! i remember when mi friends show me the pictures and i send you!! jajaj but its very naughty in the night! jajaj

  2. ajajjaaj what a great picture.. his is posing!

  3. frofrii!!! <3 frodo is a really handsome and sexy cat :) jaja

  4. i thought that you called him Frodo for the Lord of the Rings movie.. in fact, im sure that everybody would think this when they hear your cat´s name xD

  5. ajajajajajaja the picture is soo cute, and is really funny the reason of his name xD