Monday, October 22, 2012


In the first part there are a three activities to answers alternatives, there are a statements with phrases and you must answers correctly.  Is like recognize real situations in English. I think that is very practical, although I have a “little” difficult with English because I get confused the words. I get 6/7 in the first PET reading, 8/10 in second and 4/5 in third. In listening  I was bad I get 4/5 an 3/7 correct answers. I think that is very important can listening and understand, because I am good reading, but l’m bad listening. Finally in vocabulary I was better, and I get  20/25 . I think that is good activities because it have a bit of everything and serve to me for improve my vocabulary because I must to search the words that I don’t know. I hope continue doing these activities to practice and learn more about structures in english.  The only disadvantage is that it costs me!!!! jajaj

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

special present

Is difficult for me choose one present… i think that i received a lot of wonderful present, but i remember when on my 14th birthday my father arrived to my house and he asked me if i could search “something” in his car i don’t remember which was the invented reason, but I obviously went, and when i arrived to the car its had a beautiful “teddy”… i began to cry to emotion because my father never was very “affectionate”. I think that this present was very special for me and still is very nice see it in my bed. Stuart Little (as called theddy) sang the Titanic’s music (jaja) how my birthday is in February coincides with the valentine’s day. I think that the most beautiful is not the doll itself, is more the act  of my dad to choose something so tender. Is beautiful think how the people thought in our present, because this mean “preoccupation” of his part, time in choose the best present and love. Stuart is still in my bedroom, and sometime sings without i press its button i think because it is old, but is funny because is how “remember me,  i’m hereeee” jajajaa. Mm well in other moment i will tell about other present … ¡ good bye. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

First Day

My first day at university was very funny. Before to stay in my career I never came to my faculty, so when I had to come I don’t know where my faculty was, and I thought take a taxi but the diver said me that in two blocks I had to pay $2000 and I just went ....because the man wanted to CHEAT ME!!!  jajaja (I laugh now). Well, when I could arrive at the university I felt lost, I didn’t know where was the library, casino, classroom… where was nothing! But the people in  the university is so amicable and they prepared a “introduction” and welcome, so it was easy know  about all I needed in the future, until we did a “tour” for all the places, and their explained each place where we can go in each case. When we were in “welcome” I knew my current friends, in fact we started speak immediately and hit it off very good in this moment.   I remember that the first day of important because started my career that I had loved…  but for me the “first day” it’s not the most important, because was the week  for do activities, know people, know a "complete system" that existed at the university in where I would be in the future (currently now). And the most important I knew the persons that will be with me all the time in the university and probably when I go out of here to.