Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I think that the blog is a good oportunity  for write and search more vocabulary, I liked that this moment and enjoyed !  because that is not boring. I just would have liked the chance in the course of learning to speak better, perhaps as in the English courses that can be heard many tapes and vocabulary words. But, generally i like the blog, anyway I learn news words, because when i wrote I must search words that I did not know. Also, read the other text doing for my classmates help me, first: to know that their think about some topics, and for read in english. The disadvantages of blogging can be it is assumed that we already know how to write in English and know the basic structures, and in the other english (levels I and II) is not taught. But generally i think that is improved even a Little my english (considering, that i never was very good for this buuu :( ).  If I could add something to the course also the blog I think that would add more classes to listen vocabulary and conversation of the simplest since the most complex (insofar as the course progresses).
Well, now I have a blog written in English by myself, I like that!
and... (i'm sorry for use  the translator ... is faster!, but now that you say, i think that i must get a dictionary :) )

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