Monday, October 1, 2012

First Day

My first day at university was very funny. Before to stay in my career I never came to my faculty, so when I had to come I don’t know where my faculty was, and I thought take a taxi but the diver said me that in two blocks I had to pay $2000 and I just went ....because the man wanted to CHEAT ME!!!  jajaja (I laugh now). Well, when I could arrive at the university I felt lost, I didn’t know where was the library, casino, classroom… where was nothing! But the people in  the university is so amicable and they prepared a “introduction” and welcome, so it was easy know  about all I needed in the future, until we did a “tour” for all the places, and their explained each place where we can go in each case. When we were in “welcome” I knew my current friends, in fact we started speak immediately and hit it off very good in this moment.   I remember that the first day of important because started my career that I had loved…  but for me the “first day” it’s not the most important, because was the week  for do activities, know people, know a "complete system" that existed at the university in where I would be in the future (currently now). And the most important I knew the persons that will be with me all the time in the university and probably when I go out of here to. 


  1. In my first day I'm so missed to , hahah

  2. You photo is very nice! :)
    The friends is the more important in the university.