Monday, September 24, 2012

National Holiday

I didn’t enjoy so much the national holidays, maybe because I feel sad; I always remember when I was child and i was with all my family... now that doesn’t pass, because my sister and me are older, and go out with our friends (that they are different in her case and in my case) and my mom go out to the south, she love the south, every time that she can go, she do it. Well,  then my best memories about national holidays was when I was  about 8 years, and with my family go to the field and we were there how 4 days. Those days were wonderful, we cook and play in family, and I remember feeling very happy, maybe this wasn’t a big think, but how I was child I saw wonderful. Little thinks how remember see my father running after me and my sister or my mother laughing are those to remind this national holidays how the best. But, well.... there are unavoidable events: grow up, for example. Other think that I hate, is that the people eating only meat, how in those days they can’t eat other food!!!...  I don’t eat much meat because it makes me sick, so I prefer eat more vegetables and ........drink (jaja).  The great is that I can meet with people that I don’t see always because all have our activities. I just hope in other opportunities can be with my entire family how before and also time with my friends (obviously)!!!       Now I celebrate national holidays, drinking, eating, and dancing jajaja, and is enjoy, but I think that always I feel nostalgia that previous years...

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Friend

 Hello,  I`m, going to talk about my best friend. Really I have a lot of friends, good friends, but my best friend is very special for me, his name is: Felipe, but I tell Pipe. He is in all spaces, times and moment in my life, always I’m in problems he arrived where I’m, I tell he  all my things.  In fact, I think that he is a person that can’t miss in my life, if he weren’t in my life I don’t know how it would be. He is a funny person, always is happy and always he have a solution to my problems, is fantastic!!!! his advice are the best in the world …  Mmmm, how a met my friend? Well, is strange, but I knew him in a party, all start when we begin to talk about the future, he wanted enter to study medicine, and he told me that. Then I call a few days later to ask if he had enter to the career (and currently studying medicine). Since then we begin to call us and to speak more often. I don’t know if he and me have much in common, but I thing that our friendship is based in our difference and this is the most I love!! jajaja, sound strange but is truth. I see him all time, mmm I think that almost every days because we live in the same neighborhood, and is easy to see us. Well, I think that I said  all I can’t remember about this, but never will suffice :D ..

Monday, September 3, 2012


 When start the first semester i was still tired, but I figured this year would be better than the last, i was exited for the news topics in university and i trusted that everthing would be more “quiet”,  although i agree with strike and mobilizations i wanted to have more stabilty and plan my vacation . Well, this years i think that i have been more carefree, because i have other “problems” and maybe less motivation, that last i don’t know why… How always i have worked in massage (because i studied that two years ago), whenever i can , i do.  As for sport, i think that i feel shame, really… i have not done anything!!!!!  I think start the next week, i have a plan: go to the gym on my break , when i’m in university… this help me in two thing: i use my free time and i favor my body!... is great, i just wanted do it.. L. As my challenges, they are a lot of, and i think that are personal thing, but in overall i advance step by step and i how always believed  the important thing is to never stop  =)