Thursday, April 26, 2012

My favourite technological object!!!

My favourite technological object is my netbook.  I have it since two years ago, well before i had other, but that was very slow and have less memory capacity. My current netbook is fast and i use it for my homeworks, see videos, listen music , write my ideas and for my comunication (social networks) especially facebook, e-mail and  blog. I use it every day, every days i see my facebook, and  e-mail; i feel connected to other peoples, specifically with my friends and my classmates.  I like its functions, and its speed, also is part of my life (i know that sounds very  exaggerated, but it`s truth, i need their functions in my everyday life). If i haven`t my netbook all be most difficult for me, the comunication, do my homeworks, my research, download music, videos, films, all!!!! After all this time is very necessary and important to me!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To be honest I have never been interested in any band, so I have never been to a concert or gig. However, I went to Arjona’s concert a few days ago, and I really liked it. According to me, he is a wonderful man, and I can say I love his lyrics.
If I had to talk about bands, I would talk about the band Pink Floyd. I think they have beautiful songs, and their lyrics are interesting and loaded of passion. Honestly, I don’t know so much about this band, I only know they firstly started being a British rock band, and then evolved to the symphonic rock style.
One of the songs most I like is Wish you were here, because I think this lyrics aims at reflecting a feeling beyond the words… besides that song makes me “travel” and it might have been part of my life in some important moment.
Here you have a videoclip for the song aforementioned.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

About me.

I was born 21 years ago in San Bernardo, in Parroquial Hospital. I have one sister she is 24 years 
old, she not living with me, but lately we speak quite often, and obviously my mother, the three are the powerpull girls! jaja.
All my life I was living in San Bernardo, because my grandparents lived there. In my family also have  two cats and two dogs, their names are: the dog: Tobi and Ursula and my cats called: Nené and Frodo. 
Before I went to study psychology, i studied massage in a professional Institute, but I did not like the way they teach, and I think: "if I  continue here i don't study nothing more and i feel distress!! I wanted to know more and more because I enjoy studying and reading and i not can this in the institute, so I took the  course to prepare the ingress to University and I can enter to career psychology. I love this really, although I served as study massage because I can work temporally in this and y enjoy it how hobbie. 
I took dance in the university how a topic, and this make me happy! I enjoy and I feel good! and i can say that is my new hobbie, Also reading (this is the principal). 
Now I living with my mother (she is a young and beautiful woman!!!) we have a perfect relation,hardly ever discussed, we have good communication, she is very comprehensive and I do not make problems in the house.
Well, that is my biography at the moment. in my future i hope finished my career and can continue with specializations in psychology. About family, i thing i will see that in the way, anything can happen!!