Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the last...

About english in general  like language i think that is ugly, i never liked english! Mmm however like subject i think that takes a lot of hours in a week, and its hours is not well used. Also, the class are in the afternoon and you is tired and the only thought is to go home. There are not a good class about listening in none on the four levels, in general my opinion about subject is principal that the time is not well used, is boring sometimes, is in the afternoon, and is not like me. About the blogs, it is a good moment for practice writing, however  1/2 hour is very much. Well, not all is bad, despite i hatred english, i know that it is necessary and I must learn it, and in english class i got more vocabulary  and understand more when teacher speaks in english. I would like to be born knowing =( .. .but i know that is not posible unless my parents had speak english and spanish. I think i must improve my vocabulary, my pronuciation and overcome my hate to english jajaaj. My plan? I haven’t one, but i think that listening more music in english, viewing movies, Reading books in english and practicing my pronunciation , talking and trying think  in english. Outside the english class i use very Little english, is bad… i know!!! =( but i not need very much this idiom for this moment, maybe in the future i need it and i regret jaja i don’t know, i just hope learn  without be take a test in my life!!! Jajajaj thanks  for all teacher, although I am a loose.  Well, inevitably you learn with 20 english class! I hope approve this subject, only this for i  fell  happy ¡!

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