Thursday, June 21, 2012

My favorite season

Winter always has been a sad season for me, I don’t know why really, but can be that is it as “dark”, and all time I feel cold, and I must use a lot of clothing, also I think that in this season there are many poor people that feel cold and they can’t  appropriate  clothing for use. I think that autumn is nostalgic, I like see how the trees lose their leaves, and is not so cold yet. Also and although sound “silly”, I like the accessory I can use in autumn, how scarf, boots, jacket, etc. But neither is my favorite season. Summer, NOI hate summer, I don’t like feel that I can’t run away from the heat! … Finally, my favorite season is spring! I love this season because is romantic, beautiful and I feel always good, I don’t feel cold, I don’t feel  hot, and never  get sick,  is really fantastic , wonderful. I love walk in spring, go to a park and enjoy all the day, also, they are many activities that I can do, how meet with my friends a take a ice cream or  go for a run, generally all the thing that I can be in outdoor! … 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My favorite place is my house, because there I can be quiet, away from the world, also I live in San Bernardo, this commune is located on the outskirts and always there is silence, is a village when live old people, then there are not children screaming on the street, or young people in parties of the weekend, I love the peace that there is in my neighborhood, so I love my house. My house is not very ample, but is sufficient for my family, it has a little yard, my bedroom is in second floor, and when I study, or when I want be alone I can do it, and no one bother me.  In my house have spaces when we share, how the kitchen, there are a little table to have a meals and talked for a least once in the day.  I loved my house because there I have everything I want, and not must see other people when I don’t want. When I can read, I can do it, if I sleep I can do it and anew nobody will stop me! Living the peace, that is priceless!.